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Took my PS3 here due to convenience and good reviews. Their staff is informative and friendly. I told them that my PS3 has succumbed to the YLOD and they assured me they could fix it. All I had to do was drop it off,fillout a form, then check back in 3 days. Really? 3 days ! Nice. That's at least 4 times faster than sending it to Sony! Thanks PS3 Repair ! You're the best!


Thank you Repair Center , my son is very happy with the results!!


Great experience all around! Normally I don't bother writing reviews, but I thought I was dead when I borrowed my friends Sony Playstation and it stopped working on my watch! I saw that a couple guys on the internet were fixing these consoles out of their home; but that made me real nervous. So when I discovered PS3 Repair Carlsbad- I knew that it was a legitimate repair shop. I wasn’t disappointed after they quickly repaired the broken PS3 at a real fair price. Best of all now I don’t have to buy my friend a new PS3!


No problems with my fix, faster than sending to Sony, price is OK. My PS3 still works !!!


Better than Sending to Sony...

I have had my PS3 for a few years,and then this year it would not turn on at all, so I first contacted Sony. They said that they could send me a refurbished one, but that it would not be the one I sent them, so all my pictures would be gone. I have a lot of pictures on the PS3 and did not want to lose them, so I called the phone number and found this place. They answered the phone immediately and seemed very familiar with the problem, so I brought my PS3 to them since at least I would have a chance of getting back my pictures. The repair was supposed to take 3-4 days, and it took 4 days. It cost me $100 to get my PS3 working again, and it worked for about 4 months. Then it had a similar problem so I called them back and they said to just bring it in and they would take a look at it. A few days later they called me back and said that the PS3 was working, it just needed to have the video reset. I guess because I was using a new cable to connect it to my TV.

It was not cheap, but they did always answer the phone and they did not charge me for the second repair.


This company exceeded my expectations! My Sony PlayStation would not turn on, so when I found out about this shop I decided to give them a shot at fixing it instead of buying a new unit. Anyway they did some super board level repair in 2 days and now it works great! Can't wait for the new Battlefield release!


My PS3 had a case of "Yellow Light of Death" and I had to weigh my options: A) pay $150 to ship it to Sony, and lose my saved games because you don't get the same machine back (you get a refurbished PS3); or B) take it down the street to these guys.

"B" is an appealing option for many reasons: you get your machine back with your game inside and your saved games (as long as your HDD wasn't the problem); you don't have to ship it anywhere, get an RA number from Sony, or wait weeks on end; and last but not least, the repair cost is scaled according to what went wrong, opposed to $150 for Sony.

PS3 Repair Carlsbad is one of several locations that take in PS3s, XBox 360s, and laptops for repair at a central location. It would be nice to be able to go to a lab full of people in clean suits and have them repair it while you wait, but the system they've got seemed to be the best option. After all, you'd be waiting at least as long if not double for Sony to do the same thing.

I called right before close and explained that I was still several minutes away, and they were kind enough to stay open a couple extra minutes for me. I filled out the paperwork and away I went. Less than a week later I had - my - PS3 back in working order, complete with saved games intact, and with my copy of Modern Warfare 2 safely inside. My repair was just over $90, which was over $50 less than it would have been through Sony. It could cost you nearly $150 but at least you won't have to ship your machine; and while they can't recover your saves 100% of the time, you stand 0% chance with Sony.

Recently, I had the PS3 get a case of YLOD again from over-use. I called and explained my limited warranty was up, and this time they were kind enough to prorate the repair based on my warranty having recently expired. The staff returned my phone call in a timely manner, and was very polite.

I would recommend this business to anyone, and they have already earned my return business. I have upgraded from my launch model 60GB to a 250GB PS3 Slim in the meantime, so hopefully I'll never have to use this business again...but if I do, I know I'll be taken care of.


Excellent repair work and customer service!! I had been having issues with my PS3 and thought of just getting another one instead of paying a high price for a repair but a friend told me about this place and said I should check it out. I went in to the store and was immediately helped by the very friendly staff. They asked me what the issue was with the PS3 and since I wasn't too familiar with the systems workings I explained what the problem had been and they were able to give me an idea of what the problem may be and showed me the price for the repair which was a nice surprise for me when I was still expecting a price that would be steep. Within 4 days they had it repaired and turned out the diagnosis was correct and that it was a problem with the laser. I was very satisfied as it worked like brand new. I highly recommend PS3 repair Carlsbad to anyone who is in need of quick service and excellent work by the staff.


So much better than shipping to Sony! My PS3 had yellow light of death (YLOD) and needed a repair. If you have to ship to Sony it costs a lot of money and you don't get the same PS3 back... which means you don't get your saved games. PS3 Repair San Diego had a location right by my house. I called them because I wasn't going to be able to make it by the time they close, and they agreed to stay a couple extra minutes to accommodate my travel time. I dropped it off with them, and I got it back in working condition in a week with my copy of MW2 safely inside. Recently, my PS3 had the same problem, as my house is very dusty and very hot in summer time. My warranty has recently expired, but they are taking care of the repair at reduced cost to help me out. These guys have great customer service, good prices for their services, and is a great alternative to shipping to Sony and losing your saved games. Hopefully I won't need them again, but if I do, I would give them my business without hesitation.

JON --

Quick PS3 repair work in Carlsbad!! if you want your PS3 repaired fast (i mean within 3 days) drop your PS3 off at this store! mine needed a new laser as it hadn't been reading discs correctly and they replaced it within 3 days. It works great now. I was psyched I didnt have to wait a month with Sony. I will tell all my friends about you guys. thanks.


Great experience all around! Normally I don't bother writing reviews, but I thought I was dead when I borrowed my friends Sony Playstation and it stopped working on my watch! I saw that a couple guys on the internet were fixing these consoles out of their home; but that made me real nervous. So when I discovered PS3 Repair Carlsbad- I knew that it was a legitimate repair shop. I wasn't disappointed after they quickly repaired the broken PS3 at a real fair price. Best of all now I don't have to buy my friend a new PS3!


I thought I was going to be writing a bad review for this place, but everything worked out.

This address is pretty much a general office that obviously serves a number of different needs--one of which is to send your playstation off somewhere where they have Looked like they were possibly giving flu shots in the same building, but in any case, I dropped my PS3 (that wasn't playing games or movies at all) off for repair and was quoted a max of $144 for the work via the paperwork I filled out--but there's no one in this building that actually knows something about playstation repair. You get updates via phone or email and this location is only a spot to drop off and pick up your PS3. Unsure where the repair people are actually at. Looks like they have multiple locations where they take PlayStations in, then they carry them to a shop, and then carry them back to the location you dropped it off.

Anyway, about 4 days later they called me up and said my PS3 was fixed. The repair was only $98 rather than the worst-case $144--so I was OK with that. I went down there and picked it up, brought it home, and it was still broken--nothing had changed at all. I was pretty pissed and visualized writing a one-star review here.

I took it back, wrote a semi-nasty little write up this time in the paperwork you fill out about the fact that I'd now made 3 trips here and not only was $98 poorer but my PS3 was no better off. After about 3 more days, one of the repair people called me up and we went back and forth about troubleshooting options. At this point they were pretty cool and didn't charge me any more money to actually fix the problem. There seemed to be some pretty intensive troubleshooting going on, they had some Q&A for me about how I wanted to proceed, if I was OK with a hard drive format in the troubleshooting, etc., etc., etc.

They clearly have a less-than-optimal system here with the business facade and obviously between multiple locations have a deep workload (which means waiting for the repair) but ultimately--once I was actually communicating with the guys doing the repair--they gave me a pretty good impression. Suppose there's no excuse for the back-and-forth picking up a broken machine so I have to deduct a star--but they made good in the end and overall I didn't think there was any real intent to screw me over and in fact I got the impression they'll do whatever is needed to fix things for what they say they're going to charge you. I almost would rather drive farther and communicate one-on-one with the people fixing the machine though.

So not the cleanest experience in the world and I wouldn't have minded having the fix take less time but they made me a satisfied customer anyway. I think they have some skills and intend to mean well but the multiple drop off locations and heavy workload seemed to burn some potentially unnecessary time.